Characteristics of a computer

Speed A computer works with much higher speed and accuracy compared to humans while performing mathematical calculations. Computers can process […]

ASCII and Unicode

ASCII defines 128 characters, which map to the numbers 0–127. Unicode defines (less than) 221 characters, which, similarly, map to […]

History of Computer

Babbage’s Analytic Engine (Charles Babbage)-1833

Mechanical, digital, genral purpose
Was crank-driven
Could store instruction
Could perform mathatical calculation
Had ability to print
Store data with Punch Card

Types of computer

Analog Computer An analog computer is a form of computer that uses the continuously changeable aspects of physical phenomena Digital […]

Types of Computer Languages

Machine language Assembly Language High Level Language

Basics of programming

Approaches to Problem Solving Concept of Algorithm Concept of Flow Charts Assembler, Compiler, Interpreter, Linker, Loader

Number System

Binary Decimal Octal Hexa Decimal Binary Some content. Decimal Some content in menu 1. Octal Some content in menu 2. […]

Introduction to Operating System

Operating System An Operating System (OS) is System Software. It is an interface between a computer user and computer hardware.It […]

Basic Operations of Computer

Basic Operations or Functional Components of Computer Computer Organisation/Block diagram of computer Input: This is the process of entering data […]

Introduction to Digital Computer

There are four types of digital computer…. Super Computer Mainframe Computer Mini Computer Micro Compute   Super Computer A Supercomputer […]