Introduction to Digital Computer

There are four types of digital computer….

  1. Super Computer
  2. Mainframe Computer
  3. Mini Computer
  4. Micro Compute


Super Computer

A Supercomputer is used for super complex task such as  Weather Forecasting, Nuclear Simulation etc. The first Supercomputer is introduced in 1976. CRAY 1 is first Supercomputer.

Main Frame

Mainframe computers are computers used primarily by large organizations for critical applications, bulk data processing such as census, industry and consumer statistics, enterprise resource planning, and transaction processing.

Micro Computer

A microcomputer is a small, relatively inexpensive computer with a microprocessor as its central processing unit (CPU). It includes a microprocessor, memory, and minimal input/output (I/O) circuitry mounted on a single printed circuit board.

Mini Computer

A minicomputer, a term no longer much used, is a computer of a size intermediate between a microcomputer and a mainframe.

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