Type conversion in assignment Program in C

/*P4.10 Program to understand type conversion in assignment*/
int main(void)
	char c1,c2;
	int i1,i2;
	float f1,f2;
	i1=80.56;		/*float converted to int, only 80 assigned to i1  */
	c2=i1;		/*int converted to char */
	i2=f1;		/*float converted to int */
	/*Now c2 has the character with ASCII value 80, i2 is assigned value 12 */ 
	printf("c2=%c,  i2=%d\n",c2,i2);
	f2=i1;			/*int converted to float*/
	i2=c1;			/*char converted to int */
	/*Now i2 contains ASCII value of character 'H' which is 72*/
	printf("f2=%.2f,  i2=%d\n",f2,i2);
	return 0;


c2=P,  i2=12
f2=80.00,  i2=72
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