Structure data type Program in C

Define a structure data type TRAIN_INFO. The type contain Train No.: integer type Train name: string Departure Time: aggregate type TIME Arrival Time: aggregate type TIME Start station: string End station: string The structure type Time contains two integer members: hour and minute. Maintain a train timetable and implement the following operations:

(i) List all the trains (sorted according to train number) that depart from a particular section.

(ii) List all the trains that depart from a particular station at a particular time.

(iii) List all he trains that depart from a particular station within the next one hour of a given time.

(iv) List all the trains between a pair of start station and end station.

#include <string.h>   
struct stu      
{   int roll;      
    char name[50];    
}st1,st2;  //declaring variables for structure    
int main( )    
   //store first student information    
   strcpy(, "Amit");   
  //store second student information    
   strcpy(, "Manoj");
   //printing first student information    
   printf( "student 1 roll : %d\n", st1.roll);    
   printf( "student 1 name : %s\n",;  
   //printing second student information    
   printf( "student 2 roll : %d\n", st2.roll);    
   printf( "student 2 name : %s\n",;    
   return 0;    


student 1 roll : 101
student 1 name : Amit
student 2 roll : 102
student 2 name : Manoj
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