Components of a computer system

Basic Operations or Functional Components of Computer

Computer Organisation/Block diagram of computer

Input: This is the process of entering data and programs into the computer system. Input devices areKeyboard.,Image scanner,Microphone,Pointing device, Graphics tablet, Joystick, Light pen, Mouse, Optical, Pointing stick, Touchpad, Touchscreen, Trackball,Webcam, Softcam etc.

Control Unit (CU): The process of input, output, processingand storage are performed under the supervision of a unitcalled Control Unit’. It decides when to start receiving data,when to stop it, where to store data, etc.

Memory Unit: Computer is used to store data and Instructions.

Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU): The major operations performed by the ALU are addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, logic and comparison.

Output: This is the process of producing results from the data for getting useful information. Output devices areMonitor (LED, LCD, CRT etc),Printers (all types),Plotters,Projector,LCD Projection Panels,Computer Output Microfilm (COM),Speaker(s),Head Phone etc.